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safeH series AFCI/AFDD
safeHT series AFCI/AFDD
SafeH IoT type AFCI/AFDD
SafeH arc fault protection electronic switch
Arc fault generator
Intelligent switch(RC-MCB)
Intelligent leakage circuit breaker(RC-RCBO)
Intelligent gateway
Intelligent terminal distribution box

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1P+N AFDD/AFCI - safeH AFDD/AFCI C3~32A | safeHT AFDD/AFCI - safeHT AFDD/AFCI C3~63A | safeH IoT-AFDD/AFCI - safeH IoT AFDD/AFCI C3~40A | safeH SCR-AFDD/AFCI - safeH SCR-AFDD/AFCI 63A | Arc fault generator - Arc fault generator | AFCI/GFCI Tester - AFCI/GFCI Tester | IoT RC-MCB - IoT RC-MCB | IoT RC-RCBO - IoT RC-RCBO | Intelligent Gateway;4G data terminal - IoT 4G data terminal | Smart terminal distribution box - 智慧终端配电箱Smart terminal distribution box |

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Electrical product knowledge

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