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How to configure household circuit breaker switches

Author : Hantu Date : 12/17/2021 1:42:04 AM
                                                                                            How to configure household circuit breaker switches

A lot of people do not know when you are decorating the water and electricity part of the household circuit breaker switch configuration?

Distribution box in the area of the circuit breaker switch housing depends on the owners of the community, in most cases, single apartment in 5/6 of a loop, small family model in 7/8 of the circuit, big family around 10 loop, villa is more, but no matter how much area, the principle of circuit breaker base is fixed, we look at its configuration.

One, bedroom hanging air conditioning, because the bedroom of commercial residents is basically compact, so the use of 1.5P to 2.0P air conditioning, circuit breakers can choose 16/20A or leakage protection.The bedrooms are equipped with several circuit breakers

Two, the living room air conditioning, the use of floor type cabinet machine, generally 3p air conditioning, power is about 4KW, circuit breaker or leakage protection can choose in 25A

Three, the lamps and lanterns, here can be divided into two ways, one way for the use of ordinary lighting, the use of 10A air breaker can be.In addition, one line is used for toilet lighting (including bath bully), you can choose 16A circuit breaker.

Four, kitchen socket, basically is a high socket, because the kitchen appliances, the use of 4 square wires, allowing the current in about 30A, so 32A leakage protector can be fully competent

Five, toilet socket, because of the existence of electric water heater, so the wire is also appropriate with 4 square, the same leakage protect to take 32A circuit breaker

Six, ordinary socket, many areas using a circuit breaker, the general choice of about 20A.But now developers or a lot of owners friends have realized the lack of a single loop, has become the same as the hotel loop control, that is, each bedroom socket with a leakage circuit breaker control, to ensure mutual interference, easy maintenance.

Seven, over and under voltage self-reset circuit breaker is recommended to increase, surge protector according to the size of the electric box, if the later installation of water and electricity is also recommended to install.

Eight, if it is sent to the attic or villa, each layer is suggested to add an electric box, independent control between each layer, and then the loop is the same as the above.


If necessary, it is recommended to choose a little more circuit in the water and electricity transformation, and use bipolar leakage protection or air switch, so that the probability of failure is smaller than the probability of unipolar