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Installation and commissioning of intelligent circuit breakers

Author : Date : 5/6/2022 1:57:11 AM
 Brief description of installation and debugging


★ Commonly used auxiliary materials


Guide rail (35mm wide), tie tape (200mm), dovetail silk, winding pipe (20), expansion tube, electrical tape, external mounting box (PZ30 box), RS485 communication line 0.5 square several, power cord, etc.


★ Common tools


Vice pliers, needle-nose pliers, wire stripper, diagonal pliers, electric drill, crosshead screwdriver (large and small), small flat-head screwdriver, electroprobe, multimeter, headlamp, mobile phone, etc.


Technical requirements of personnel


1, the construction personnel must hold the certificate, the personnel must hold the State Administration of Work Safety supervision and administration of the People's Republic of China special operation certificate professional for low-voltage electrician;


2, in order to prevent accidents during construction, site installation must be a group of 2 people;


3. Site protective equipment must be worn, safety belt must be fastened when climbing, and insulation gloves must be worn if there are live parts in the cabinet


4, installation personnel must wear insulation shoes construction, work clothes must choose anti-static work clothes;


★ Wiring schematic diagram

Install gateway and circuit breaker


Before the installation and debugging of intelligent circuit breaker, it should be confirmed that the product model and specifications to be installed are consistent with the safe carrying current of the on-site cable to ensure that the circuit breaker can protect the electrical load demand safely and effectively.The specific steps are as follows:


1. Check that the SIM card of the gateway is installed in place and the serial number combination of the circuit breaker meets the requirements;


2. Assemble the circuit breaker and gateway in accordance with the required specifications and requirements, and install it in the designated space;


3. Correctly access the power supply line and load power line of the circuit breaker (upper connection line, lower connection load);


4. Correctly connect to the power supply of the gateway to ensure that the gateway can work normally under normal conditions (get power from the power supply side of the circuit breaker);


5, correctly connect the gateway and circuit breaker communication terminal on the 485 communication line, the use of hand in hand connection, that is, A connect A, B connect B;The total length of power communication combination line shall not exceed 5 meters;