Zhejiang Hantu Electric Co. LTD.

About Us

 Hantu is a domestic company specializing in R & D and production of AFCI / AFDD / IoT-afdd, RCBO, MCB and providing corresponding technical services.

As a representative of the founder of the company, he has devoted himself to the research of this technology for many years before the establishment of the company. He is one of the few professionals who studied this technology in depth in China. He is also one of the pioneers and advocators who publicized and implemented its technology application, which has great social value for preventing electrical fire accidents and promoting the application of this technology in China And actively participated in the industry academic conferences to introduce related technologies, which played a positive role in promoting the research of domestic arc fault protection technology, the formulation of standards and the application of products.

After years of professional research and technical accumulation, Hantu completed the first batch production of AFCI in China in 2010 and realized export sales. The core technology of fault arc detection has obtained invention patent. In recent years, through continuous technology upgrading, a variety of communication AFCI / AFDD modules such as RF, Bluetooth, WiFi and GPRS have been launched, which can support wireless communication monitoring and big data applications. At present, in addition to the application of AC AFD / AFCI / AFDD technology, the DC arc protection technology has also achieved phased results, taking the lead in launching corresponding products in China. Meanwhile, IOT rc-rcbo / rc-mcb intelligent power protection products are developed.
Hantu, as a technology research and development company, takes the research of fault arc protection, intelligent switch and application technology as its core competitiveness, and promotes the application of this technology to effectively prevent and reduce electrical fire accidents, reduce the loss of people's lives and property, and is willing to contribute with the majority of social forces to maintain more beautiful family life and create a harmonious society The power of the world.
Hantu is a solid promoter of "protecting the safe use of electricity for 300 million  families"!

Our mission: to provide partners with the best technology and services to prevent home electrical fire.

Our vision: build a shield against electrical fire, and escort every beautiful family.